10 Easy Things To ADD to Your Routine in 2023

Jan 3, 2023 | Lifestyle

Happy 2023! Are you still in hibernation mode or contrarily, are you full steam ahead in “New Year New You” land of goals? Whatever your style for January is, I support you! However, I just have to say, the deepest, coldest part of winter in the northern hemisphere hardly seems like a practical time to get off your ass and change your entire life with lofty new years goals. So I’m not judging if that’s just not your scene. 

Which is probably why only 36 % of people who set New Years Resolutions make it past their first month of resolution. And only 9 % are successful long term! January is a dark, cold time! Historically, many cultures celebrated the new year during the spring equinox for this reason. A true time of rebirth, awaking, and growth. 

Being in the health coaching industry…

I have a clear advantage of the “New year New Me” mentality but its hard to deny the stats.  I’m the biggest proponent of setting new routines and adding healthy habits in, but sometimes it feels like the motive is off for the new years resolutions. 

The way I want to help people is to help them make sustainable changes that can be implemented for the rest of their life- but only when they’re ready!  Caving into the pressure of everyone else around you setting new year goals is hardly what I’d call motivation. 

I’m all about ADDING IN things rather than taking things away or restricting! Restriction, while important for healing sometimes, can lead to unhealthy patterns and create larger health issues down the road. Adding in self care things for yourself (and doing kind things for others) ultimately feels better than eating chicken breast and steamed broccoli for a month straight ever could. 

Here are 10 items you can ADD to your routine in 2023 (that aren’t weight or vanity based): 

  1. Adding in a breathing routine try Box Breathing. Inhale, hold, exhale, hold in counts of 4.  
  2. Volunteer for a few hours one day a month. This is a no brainer. 
  3. Commit to a 30 minute walk once per week. (Who knows it might turn into more!)
  4. Cook more meals at home. (Set a number each week, look up recipes, and stick to it!) 
  5. Each month pick one friend to call and catch up with. (Text them and schedule it if necessary!)
  6. Bring a meal to someone in your community. (postpartum, post-surgery, elderly, etc. ) 
  7. Stretch for 5-10 minutes each day. 
  8. Stay Hydrated! Start by waking up and drinking 12 oz of water with a pinch of sea salt. 
  9. Organize a potluck or game night between friends, coworkers, or family. 
  10. Dance! You will be surprised how great you feel after healthy, free movement. It might feel silly at first but once you find your groove it’ll all make sense. 

Those are just a few ideas, but let’s focus less on what we can lose and more on what we can gain. 

10 things to do in 2023 that aren’t vanity based.

The stats are also clear that many of these resolutions or health goals fail because of a lack of accountability. I’m in that camp too. Accountability buddies are the way to go. If that’s a friend, family member or a coach (like me!)- If you are someone who wants to set goals and achieve them successfully this year, you might try getting someone to keep you accountable.

The fresh start seen at the new year is just psychological at this point. The same way the first day of a month or every Monday is. A reset. If you’re like me and really need that accountability to implement changes then I totally get it. I have a few spaces open for discovery calls, Click Here to book one. Let’s chat and see how 1:1 Coaching or Group Nutritional Therapy coaching may be able to help! To learn more about what its like to work with me click HERE!

Let’s set goals in 2023 that involve becoming better people, better family members, and more involved neighbors and community members.  Cheers!


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